Dinner Theatre

The Village Musical Acadien is pleased to present its famous dinner-theater with Les Noces (French Play) and L'Évasion (French Play), an enjoyable evening that should not be missed.

Our crazy comedies will provide you with a good evening full of laughter and great music as you enjoy a delicious meal.



First Course :
Family Style : House Salad with vibrant fresh vegetables and in house Wild blueberry Citrus honey Vinaigrette & PEI Mussels steamed in White Wine, garlic, lemon and fresh vegetables served with Galette Blanche and Molasses Butter

Main Course :
Buffet (salads and vegetables will be alternating from one show to the next) : Ceasar Salad, Pasta Salad, VM Slaw, Rice Pilaf, Carrots, Turnip, Corn, Braised Purple Cabbage, Seafood crusted casserole (lobster, haddock, shrimp, potato, crusted), Traditional Paté and Rapure, BBQ Chicken (chicken marianted in a homamade BBQ sauce), homemade Mac & Cheese.

Dessert :
Family Style : Pudding Chomeur with fresh maple whipped cream, tea and coffee station


LES NOCES (French)
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.
From July 9 to August 28, 2019
(Except Jul. 18 and Aug. 6-16)

L'ÉVASION (French)
From August 5 to August 16, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. (Except Aug. 9, 10 and 14)


(must be reserved in advance)
Adults – $45 (taxes included)
Children (12 and under) – $20 (taxes included)



(French Show)

The first dinner theater 'Les Noces' presented 16 times this summer, will have it’s pre-premiere on Tuesday, July 9th with the actual premiere on July 10. This show has already been produced with great success in Chéticamp in 2013. It was crazy at Gélas and Tarzille’s house on the wedding day of their only daughter Jeanette to Richard, and meeting for the first time his parents Achibald and Susan Rice, the swingers of New York high society. A difference of language, religion and culture as well as a half-dozen interesting characters makes for a lot of laughts. In addition to the beautiful music and dance numbers guests will be served a delicious buffet in the style of the first Cuisines à Mémé in 1985. This buffet, a creation of chef Andrew Fisk assisted by the famous Kilted Chef Alain Bossé, is sure not to disappoint.



(French Show)

And just in time for the World Acadian Congress (CMA), there will also be nine performances of the second dinner theater, with a pre-premiere on August 5th with the premiere on August 6. The dinner theater 'L'Évasion' will no doubt be familiar to fans of the Cuisine à Mémé in the early 1990s. Our dear Mémé (Grand mother) despite her age, is always going at hundred miles an hour with all kinds of beautiful projects. But then arriving without any warning the daughter, Toinette, and her daughter Renee. Toinette has decided that her mother has worked enough. She even hired a maid for her. Its big time tension between Mémé and her daughter, as well as between Renee and her own mother. And then there is poor Ti-Fred trying desperately not to get caught between all that fighting. The evening is toped off with a great buffet and a beautiful music and dance. What better way to relive the nostalgia beautiful of La Cuisine à Mémé. And for those who have never experienced La Cuisine à Mémé, do not miss your chance.

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